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John Kucsera, Ph.D.

Statistics Analyst

John Kucsera is a senior researcher at the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles. His current research interests include investigating the patterns, causes, and consequences of, as well as solutions for, racial prejudice and discrimination.  Prior to joining the project, John was a postdoctoral scholar at University of California All Campus Consortium on Research for Diversity (UC/ACCORD) and UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (IDEA), where he directed the Indicators Project - an initiative to collect, analyze, and present data on the inequitable distribution of opportunities and conditions that critically influence postsecondary success of marginalized youth. Before moving to UCLA, John lived in Austin, TX – a place he is likely to call home.  There, he performed research for the Texas Commissioner of Education, Texas Commissioner of Higher Education, and the Provost of the University of Texas to determine policies and interventions that can improve college readiness and success for students of color.  In Austin, John also earned a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Texas. Through structural equation and experimental modeling, his dissertation explored how White individuals react to White privilege and racial prejudice, and how nonjudgmental acceptance that such biases exists can significantly improve awareness, management, and reduction.

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