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CRP in the News 2006-2007

Links to media, press coverage, or presentations featuring CRP research or researchers.

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Link New York Times: New Home and Issues for Civil Rights Project (11/30/2006)
This article announces CRP’s move from Harvard to UCLA, citing factors such as Harvard’s loss of Christopher Edley and other minority faculty, Harvard’s emphasis on fundraising, and Gary Orfield’s marriage to Patricia Gandara. It mentions the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision supporting affirmative action.
Link Christopher Edley and Bill Clinton at Google Zeitgeist 2007 (11/21/2007)
Christopher Edley asks Bill Clinton about ways to build connections between people who view themselves as different.
Link Christopher Edley at Google Zeitgeist 2007 (10/16/2007)
Christopher Edley discusses the importance of spiritual engagement and ethics, rather than social scientific methods alone, in achieving social justice.
Link Are Schools Resegregating? Two Views (09/23/2007)
Gary Orfield and Dr. Abigail Thornstrome of the Manhattan Institute give competing views on the fiftieth anniversary of the “Little Rock Nine.”
Link Segregation Growing in American Schools (09/20/2007)
This story discusses the UCLA CRP’s efforts to track re-segregation in public schools.
Link Noose Found on Maryland College Campus (09/18/2007)
This story, discussing student and and university responses to a noose found hanging outside the University of Maryland’s Black Student Union, cites a CRP study finding that schools are more segregated today than they were in 1980.
Link Supreme Court Quashes School Desegregation (06/29/2007)
Gary Orfield is quoted in a story discussing the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate voluntary desegregation plans.
Link High Court’s New Race Ruling Echos in Schools (06/29/2007)
Gary Orfield is quoted in a story discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate two voluntary desegregation plans.
Link Los Angeles Times: Don’t Forget L.A.’s Race Case (06/26/2007)
This article on Los Angeles magnet schools cites Gary Orfield’s 2004 study “Brown at 50: King's Dream or Plessy's Nightmare?,” which demonstrates a high correlation between segregated schools and poverty.
Link Census Figures Add Fuel to Fiery Affirmative Action Debate (05/17/2007)
This article discusses efforts to ban affirmative action policies around the country. Gary Orfield calls the rationales behind these efforts “profoundly misleading.”
Link Are Learning-Disabled Kids Tossed Aside? (05/12/2007)
This article, discussing school districts’ habit of expelling learning-disabled students rather than accomodating them, cites a Harvard CRP study finding that learning-disabled students are more likely to be incarcerated as a direct result of their disability.
Link Are Schools Back to ‘Separate But Unequal’? (04/23/2007)
The NAACP has agreed to a settlement releasing the Dayton, Ohio school district from desegregation orders. The article cites a CRP study finding that 70% of black and Latino students attend segregated schools, and quotes Gary Orfield’s prediction that if current trends continue, schools will grow more segregated.
Link Gary Orfield at Brown v. Board of Education Conference at Yale Law School (04/21/2007)
Gary Orfield discusses backsliding in New York City desegregation efforts in recent years, and argues for the importance of continued pushes for desegregation.
Link Educators React to No Child Left Behind (02/21/2007)
Joel Packer of the National Education Association cites a CRP study on the ineffectiveness of No Child Left Behind.
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