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CRP In the News 2011

Links to media, press coverage, or presentations featuring CRP research or researchers.

Link California educators look to better English learning (12/24/2011)
Patricia Gándara quoted by the AP.
Link Southern California's Broken Economic Ladder (12/21/2011)
Southern California is in serious decline and the future of the great world megalopolis that stretches from the northern reaches of metro Los Angeles through the large and rapidly growing communities to the south and across the Mexican border is under severe threat.
Link California Latinos Experience the Most Severe Rates of Underemployment (12/21/2011)
CRP research cited by Latina Lista.
Link Segregated Charter Schools Evoke Separate But Equal Era in U.S. (12/21/2011)
Bloomberg News cites CRP.
Link Magnet Schools Are an Important Option for LAUSD (12/20/11)
Gary Orfield's piece at the Huffington Post.
Link Are strict suspension rules hurting kids? (12/11/2011)
CRP research cited in the Modesto Bee.
Link Professor Orfield on New Federal Guidelines for School Integration (12/05/2011)
Four years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Seattle's school-assignment racial tiebreaker, the federal government issued new guidelines affirming that districts can consider race to help integrate schools.
Link Professor Orfield quoted in the L.A. Times (12/02/2011)
The Obama administration has released new guidelines aimed at encouraging school districts and colleges to keep and pursue policies that promote racial diversity. In the process, they withdrew directives put forward during the administration of George W. Bush.
Link Student Debt Increasing At San Diego Schools (11/14/2011)
Patricia Gándara, co-director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, analyzes the financial challenges of college students in San Diego.
Link Desegregation Funding (11/08/2011)
Should the government spend money to keep schools diverse? CRP researchers are interviewed by Channel One News.
Link JCPS Board Considers Student Assignment Changes Soon (11/07/2011)
The Jefferson County Board of Education must decide soon on whether to implement a new student assignment plan for the next school year; the board listened to a report on community feedback about UCLA professor Gary Orfield’s recommendations.
Link JCPS May Delay Some Changes to Student Assignment Plan (11/07/2011)
After hearing Dr. Orfield's recommendations to efficiently preserve diversity, the JCPS Board of Education says it may need more time to make a decision about major changes to the student assignment plan.
Link Professor Gándara's Research Cited at California Watch (10/23/2011)
This post describes California's Hispanic-white reading proficiency and cites CRP research in discussing the problem.
Link Patricia Gándara Interviewed (10/23/2011)
California Watch Q and A with Co-director Gándara on closing the Latino achievement gap.
Link NEA Today says Zero Tolerance Does Not Improve Learning (10/12/2011)
Bringing dangerous weapons or drugs into schools account for about 5 percent of suspensions, but the other 95 percent is incurred by general “disruptive behavior." Are these relatively small misdeeds justification for such a widespread use of zero tolerance discipline policies?
Link Black says Racial Gap in School Suspensions Widens (10/11/2011)
Black students caught using their cell phones or publicly displaying affection for the first time were suspended at higher rates than that of white students reports in the Black
Link says Racial Gap in School Suspensions Widens (10/11/2011)
The Root examines school suspensions for nonwhite students in kindergarten through 12th grade have increased by more than 100 percent since 1970, according to a new report by UCLA Civil Rights Project.
Link Huffington Post says Black Kids Take It on the Chin (10/10/2011)
The new National Education Policy Center study on Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, and Racial Justice, shows that that current disciplinary policies and practices may be unlawful.
File Transcript of Daniel Losen Interview with CNN (10/10/2011)
Daniel Losen discusses "Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, and Racial Justice" on CNN’s Newsroom, anchored by Randi Kaye.
Link La Prensa news says Kicked-Out Then Dropped-Out (10/07/2011)
Dan Losen's Report on School Discipline for NPEC Shows that Harsh Discipline Policies are being Applied Unfairly to Minority Students, Dragging Down Academic Achievement.
Link Oakland Tribune's cites Losen's Report on Tracking student suspensions (10/07/2011)
A disproportionate number of minority students nationwide are being suspended from school for relatively minor infractions, such as "disrespect" or "threatening behavior."
Link Daniel Losen of Civil Rights Project on Zero-Tolerance Policies (10/06/2011)
The National Education Policy Center finds that districts, including L.A. Unified, have increasingly suspended minority students, mostly for nonviolent offenses, over the last decade.
Link LA Times says Zero-tolerance policies pushing up school suspensions, report says (10/06/2011)
The National Education Policy Center report by CRP's Dan Losen finds that districts, including L.A. Unified, have increasingly suspended minority students, mostly for nonviolent offenses, over the last decade.
Link All Headline News says Anti-bullying rules hurt disadvantaged students (10/06/2011)
Anti-bullying rules sweeping schools across the nation endured criticism this week in a new study that says they often discriminate against minorities and disabled students.
Link Silicon Valley Educ Foundation on "Discipline Policies, Successful Schools & Racial Justice" (10/06/2011)
School suspensions have soared over the years, and so has the disparity by race, ethnicity, and disability, according to a new report.
Link Baltimore Sun highlights punitive suspensions of minority students, which are on the rise in Baltimore (10/05/2011)
An article from the Baltimore Sun that discusses issues in punitive suspensions and expulsion in Maryland schools.
Link Latina Lista cites Daniel Losen (10/05/2011)
New report on disparities in student discipline shows there's no justice for minority and disabled students
Link Hispanic Business reports Minority Kids Suspended More (10/05/2011)
U.S. public schools suspend black, Hispanic and disabled students at much higher rates than others, according to a new report by Dan Losen.
Link New Mexico Independent reports Minority students suspended more often than whites; teacher experience plays a role (10/05/2011)
A study by CRP's Daniel Losen for NPEC, a Colorado-based educational research group, looks at the disparity in punishments handed to minority and disabled students by school administrators.
Link American Independent reports that punitive suspensions of minority students on the rise in Baltimore (10/05/2011)
The American Independent looks at a national report which highlights Maryland schools' issues of suspensions of minority students.
Link Education News Colorado--Thursday Churn: Discipline debate (10/05/2011)
The report, by Dan Losen of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, highlights issues about school discipline.
Link Black Entertainment Times reports Black and Latino Students Suspended More Often (10/05/2011)
A report from the National Education Policy Center says taking kids out of the classroom doesn’t help discipline and hurts graduation rates.
Link KCET reports: CRP Co-director Patricia Gándara cites Progress for Latino students, but Concerns about Falling Back Amidst Budget Cuts (10/04/2011)
Professor Patricia Gándara speaks to the situation of Latino students in California.
Link Professor Gándara Quoted by Kansas City Star (10/01/2011)
“It’s a huge problem — totally huge,” Patricia Gandara, a professor of education at the University of California, Los Angeles, said in an interview. She is co-author of “The Latino Education Crisis: The Consequences of Failed Social Policies.” Read more:
Link BBC News Cites Professor Gándara's Work (09/27/2011)
Kingstone & Zoe Conway of the BBC News cite The Latino Education Crisis in a story called "Hispanic Education in Crisis."
Link Youtube Video: Diversity and Educational Gains (09/20/2011)
Professor Orfield gives a talk about "Diversity and Educational Gains: A Plan for a Changing County and Its Schools" on a YouTube channel maintained by Jefferson County Public Schools.
Link N.Y. Times Reports Race Remixed; In a Multiracial Nation, Many Ways to Tally (02/10/2011)
This article discusses changes in ways that multiracial Americans record their ethnic background. Daniel J. Losen of CRP is quoted.
Link Kentucky Courier-Journal editorial on Gary Orfield's Plan for Jefferson County Public Schools (09/17/2011)
An editorial in the Kentucky Courier-Journal discusses Professor Orfield's work on integrating school in Jefferson County.
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