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2024 Press Releases

Media releases related to new research published in 2024.

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Statewide Trends of Lost Instruction Rates for Homeless Youth, by Race/Ethnicity
Press Release New Data show CA school administrators dramatically increased disciplinary exclusion of homeless youth to highest rate in 6 years
Research does not support the long-standing practice of kicking students out of school for minor misconduct. Unfortunately, after years of declining rates, new data in this update to the Lost Instruction Report -- released in Oct. 2023 — shows that school administrators are increasingly denying students who are homeless access to school.
Press Release New report details extensive segregation in suburban schools of largest U.S. metros amid policy vacuum
Almost one-third (30%) of students in public schools in the United States are enrolled in suburban schools in the nation’s largest 25 metro areas, where two-thirds of metro children are being educated. According to a new study by the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles, these suburban schools are experiencing a substantial proliferation of school segregation, underscoring an urgent need for a civil rights agenda that addresses the challenges to educational opportunity and lasting integration.
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