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Project SOL 1.0

The goals of this project are to increase secondary English Learner's (EL) English language and content achievement and to build a curriculum/professional development module.

This module will increase the capacity of secondary teachers in California and other states to help Spanish-dominant students stay in school, graduate, and prepare for college.

A successful project will show gains in:

  1. students’ college preparatory and graduation course credit accumulation;
  2. rates at which they achieve critical benchmarks (e.g., successful completion of grade level and college requirements, passage of the state high school exit exam);
  3. high school graduation;
  4. positive attitudes toward school and post-secondary education;
  5. capacity of teachers and counselors to meet the needs of secondary EL students, and
  6. knowledge and understanding by parents of academic resources available to their children.
  7. The documentation and research aspects of the study aim to document and disseminate field-tested strategies and best practices in instruction to the field.

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