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The Bilingual Advantage, edited by Rebecca M. Callahan and Patricia Gándara, is now available via Multilingual Matters.

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News and Announcements
Featured News The Winter 2015 Bulletin/Noticiero is here! The Winter 2015 Issue highlights a new CRP book release, one that looks at the benefits of being bilingual in the U.S. labor market. Alumni Spotlight interviews Associate Professor Mindy Kornhaber, who conducts research on how institutional policies affecting individual pote ... Feb 18, 2015
Featured News Announcing New Book with Groundbreaking Studies on School Discipline A new book, Closing the School Discipline Gap, from The Center for Civil Rights Remedies at the UCLA Civil Rights Project (CRP/CCRR) looks at disciplinary policies and practices in school that result in disparities, and provides remedies that may be enacted at federal, state ... Jan 24, 2015
Featured News Senator Edward Brooke: A personal reflection by Gary Orfield CRP Co-director Gary Orfield reflects on the Civil Rights legacy of Senator Edward William Brooke III (October 26, 1919 – January 3, 2015). Jan 08, 2015
Featured News Experts Say Schools Can’t Address Racial Disparities in Discipline without Confronting Racial Issues Research Collaborative Urges School Data Collection, Frank Conversation, and Adoption of New Practices Dec 22, 2014
Featured News A Dream Undone? Higher Education Access and Opportunity in a Shifting Legal Landscape CRP and partners launch groundbreaking study to examine how legal challenges to race-conscious admissions have changed contemporary admissions practices at selective colleges and universities. Oct 15, 2014
Featured Research by CRP
Press Release Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap? New Research Identifies Districts with Worst Suspension Records Findings include: U.S. kids are losing almost 18 million days of instruction; Florida leads all states with highest suspension rate; many districts have improved, but overall U.S. rate has changed little. Feb 23, 2015
Press Release Decades of Inaction Lead to Worst Segregaton in Pennsylvania Schools in Two Decades Using statewide public school enrollment data from 1989 to 2010, a new report examines changes in school enrollment and segregation at the state-level as well across Pennsylvania’s two largest metropolitan areas –Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Jan 16, 2015
Press Release Delaware’s School Resegregation Increasing after Dissolution of its Groundbreaking Metropolitan Desegregation Plan "The Courts, the Legislature and Delaware’s Resegregation" summarizes substantial research showing segregated schools’ strong links to multiple forms of unequal educational opportunity and outcomes. Dec 18, 2014
Press Release Northern New England Schools Experience Early Racial Change In this report, school segregation in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont is analyzed and found to be presently modest and localized, especially compared to other parts of the country, but slow increases in racial diversity signal changes ahead for the region’s schools. The ... Sep 24, 2014
Press Release Education Tool Guides Districts and Schools on Using LCFF to Narrow EL Achievement Gaps A new educational guide is available that helps California schools, districts and teachers target the best ways to implement California's Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), so that it narrows the achievement gaps between the state’s English Learners (ELs) and all other ... Sep 11, 2014

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