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The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

The mission of the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles is to help renew the civil rights movement by bridging the worlds of ideas and action, to be a preeminent source of intellectual capital within that movement, and to deepen the understanding of the issues that must be resolved to achieve racial and ethnic equity as society moves through the great transformation of the 21st century.

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Featured News U.S. Commission for Civil Rights Holds Hearing on School to Prison Pipeline On December 8, 2017, Daniel J. Losen, director of the CRP’s Center for Civil Rights Remedies, testified in Washington, DC, at a public briefing of the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights (USCCR). The briefing sought to “examine compliance with federal laws designed to prote ... Dec 18, 2017
Featured News Are There Workable Alternatives to Affirmative Action? Since the courts -- as recently as the 2016 Fisher v. University of Texas II -- recognize that diversity is a compelling educational goal for campuses, a central question is whether or not there actually are any feasible nonracial ways to achieve this goal. The Civil Rights ... Oct 27, 2017
Featured News Statement by Concerned Members of the White House Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics In this time of acute stress for Hispanic students and their families, the Commission, first established by President George H.W. Bush, stands ready to offer its expertise to the current administration. After 27 years of service it is about to cease to exist. Latino youth, n ... Sep 11, 2017
Featured News Statement on DACA Decision The Civil Rights Project deeply regrets the President’s decision to terminate the DACA program that has given 800,000 young people -- who have done nothing wrong -- a right to participate lawfully in our society since 2012. Sep 05, 2017
Featured News President Donald Trump’s pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio undermines respect for law The Civil Rights Project condemns the actions of Joe Arpaio and the action of Donald Trump in pardoning a convicted criminal who has shown no regard for the rights of Latinos in the United States. Aug 29, 2017
Featured Research by CRP
Press Release New Studies Reveal Pervasive Challenges to Expanded Opportunity Education Voucher Advocates Promise New data illuminates pervasive challenges among education voucher programs that significantly limit the extension of expanded educational opportunities touted by advocates of the programs and the Trump Administration. The data was presented at a Capitol Hill briefing hosted ... Mar 05, 2018
Press Release First-of-its-kind Survey Reveals Alarming Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Public Schools UCLA Civil Rights Project released the findings of a new national survey of educators revealing the alarming impact of immigration enforcement on teaching and learning in public schools. The study was presented at a policy forum at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., whic ... Feb 28, 2018
Press Release Charter Schools Are Driving Segregation in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Amid a federal push for the expansion of charter schools, this study of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) in North Carolina describes how charter schools directly and indirectly contribute to resegregation in traditional public schools. Jan 29, 2018
Press Release Study Finds Decline in School Segregation in DC's Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods Gentrification is a major force in urban neighborhoods across the country, and also transforming the nation’s capital. In 2011, Washington, DC, reached a non-black majority for the first time in more than a half century, and since 2000, the city’s white population has in ... Dec 19, 2017
Press Release Troubling Trends for School Segregation in New Jersey Amid demographic changes reshaping New Jersey’s student population, new research from the UCLA Civil Rights Project makes clear that the state has made little, if any, progress toward reducing the segregation of Black and Hispanic students in the state’s schools. More t ... Nov 15, 2017

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