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Discrimination in Elite Public Schools: Investigating Buffalo, edited by Gary Orfield and Jennifer B. Ayscue, is now available via Teachers College Press.

Accountability and Opportunity in Higher Education, edited by Gary Orfield and Nicholas Hillman, is now available via Harvard Education Press.

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The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

The mission of the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles is to help renew the civil rights movement by bridging the worlds of ideas and action, to be a preeminent source of intellectual capital within that movement, and to deepen the understanding of the issues that must be resolved to achieve racial and ethnic equity as society moves through the great transformation of the 21st century.

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Featured News CRP Seeking Education Policy Analyst We are seeking a self-starting, team player for an open position as an Education Policy Analyst, based at the Civil Rights Project on the beautiful campus of UCLA. We are a family-friendly research environment. Mar 11, 2020
Featured News The Civil Rights Project Stands with the Dreamers The Civil Rights Project statement in support of our Dreamers Nov 14, 2019
Featured News Protect the Federal Census In the statement, the Civil Rights Project urges federal authorities to protect the integrity of the Census, and to avoid distortions that would certainly be produced by inserting an immigration question, sure to lower participation and accuracy. Apr 11, 2018
Featured News Statement on DACA Recipients and other Dreamers The Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles deplores the way DACA recipients and other Dreamers have been made pawns in the immigration enforcement policies of the Trump Administration. Apr 05, 2018
Featured News U.S. Commission for Civil Rights Holds Hearing on School to Prison Pipeline On December 8, 2017, Daniel J. Losen, director of the CRP’s Center for Civil Rights Remedies, testified in Washington, DC, at a public briefing of the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights (USCCR). The briefing sought to “examine compliance with federal laws designed to prote ... Dec 18, 2017
Featured Research by CRP
Press Release Brown at 65 -- No Cause for Celebration As the nation prepares to mark the 65th anniversary of the landmark Brown v Board of Education ruling declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional, the UCLA Civil Rights Project today published new research detailing school enrollment patterns and segregation in ... May 10, 2019
Press Release New Research Finds Decline in School Segregation in NYC's Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods CRP researchers find elementary school enrollment patterns in NYC's most rapidly gentrifying areas have seen a decline in racial segregation, with the declines more evident in traditional public schools than in charter schools. Mar 11, 2019
Press Release New Federal Policies & Changes Pose Threats to College Access for Students of Color At a briefing on Capitol Hill, CRP released five newly commissioned studies--of minority serving institutions, incarcerated students, for-profit colleges, risk sharing proposals, and the current attack on race conscious admissions--that demonstrate the threats to college acc ... Sep 25, 2018
Press Release CA Students Still Losing Over 760,000 Days of Instruction Due to Suspensions This study released by the Center for Civil Rights Remedies, CRP shows that the overuse of suspensions in California schools resulted in well over 760,000 days of lost instruction during the 2016-17 academic year. The impact is greatest in grades 7-8 where the disparities al ... Sep 18, 2018
Press Release Survey of Secondary Teachers Reveals Many Feel Unprepared to Teach their EL Students A new report highlights the lack of preparation and resources for secondary teachers of EL students, making it challenging to meet student needs. Apr 03, 2018

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