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Media Coverage of "Suspended Education in California" (4/20/2012)

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies' report reveals unusually high levels of risk for suspension as well as the stark differences in discipline when these risks are presented by race, gender and disability status.

The following stories feature coverage and responses to the Civil Rights Project's Center for Civil Rights Remedies April 10, 2012 report, "Suspended Education in California." The report describes a hidden crisis for many historically disadvantaged subgroups in too many districts and a widespread need to reform discipline policy for California’s public schools.


April 16th, 2012

Diana Lambert and Phillip Reese, “Sacramento-area schools review racial imbalance of student suspensions.” The Sacramento Bee (16 April 2012).


April 15th, 2012

UCLA Report Says Out-of-School Suspensions reveal ‘Hidden Crisis’ in California.” Equity Blog (15 April 2012).

Katy Murphy, “Education Report: California lawmakers to reconsider "zero-tolerance" student discipline laws.Oakland Tribune (15 April 2012).

Donna Jones, “Pajaro Valley leads county in suspensions, expulsions: Recent reports find minority students face harsher discipline nationwide.Santa Cruz Sentinel

(15 April 2012).


April 14th, 2012

Deon Price, “Suspension totals expose greater problem.Daily Republic (14 April 2012).


April 12th, 2012

Dropout Nation, “Voices of the Dropout Nation in Quotes: Admitting the Reality of a Failed System for Children.” (12 April 2012). 

Kathryn Baron, “Bill seek to curb suspensions: Ed committees OK limiting zero tolerance.” Silicon Valley Education Foundation (12 April 2012)


April 11th, 2012

Quintin Mecke, “Recent national data from Office of Civil Rights reveals disproportionate school discipline statistics, highlights need to fix discipline policies.” Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (11 April 2012).

Jorge Barrientos, “Bill to reduce school suspensions clears committee, Rubio chimes in.” (11 April 2012).

Joanna Lin, “Suspensions more common for minority, disabled students.” California Watch (11 April 2012).

Joanna Lin, “California School Suspensions Issued At Higher Rates To Racial Minorities, Students With Disabilities.Huffington Post (11 April 2012).

Katy Murphy, “Report spotlights out-of-school suspensions in California.Oakland Tribune (11 April 2012).

Quintin Mecke, “New data from Office of Civil Rights: SF Black students suspended six times more than whites.San Francisco Bay View (11 April 2012).

Las suspensiones en las escuelas van en alza; afectan más a los latinosUnivision (KMEX) in Los Angeles (11 April 2012).

Lans Christian Bañes, “Study: Vallejo schools suspend a third of black studentsVallejo Times-Herald (11 April 2012).

Bill (ref. Joanna Lin), “Minorities, students with disabilities suspended at higher (11 April 2012).

April 10th, 2012

Tami Abdollah, “Report: A black male disabled student is most likely to be suspended.” 89.3 KPCC (10 April 2012).

Tami Abdollah, “Bills in California Legislature aim to address school discipline.” 89.3 KPCC (10 April 2012).

When and why should students be suspended?Patt Morrison Show (10 April 2012).

Out-of-School Suspensions in California’s School Districts Reveal Hidden Crisis — The Civil Rights Project at UCLA.” Big Education Ape (10 April 2012).

Megan O’Neil, “Study shows higher rate of black, Latino students face suspension.” Glendale News Press (10 April 2012).

Editorial: Look to classroom not Legislature for discipline solutions.” Los Angeles Daily News (10 April 2012).

Howard Blume, “Black males suspended much more often in California, report finds.” Los Angeles Times (10 April 2012).

Fermin Leal, “Report: 400,000 suspended from Calif. Schools.” The Orange County Register (10 April 2012).

UCLA report: Vallejo schools suspend 1 in 5 students.” Topix (10 April 2012).


April 7th, 2012 

'Defiance' seen as cause of California school suspensions.” Contra Costa Times (7 April 2012).

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