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2011 Site News

News and Announcements from 2011.

CRP Publishes New Manual To Help Suburban Schools Achieve Positive And Lasting Multiracial Diversity

This manual provides invaluable guidance for education stakeholders in suburban school districts — including school board members, parents, students, community activists, administrators, policymakers and attorneys — promoting racially diverse, high quality schools.

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Civil Rights and the Future of Federal Education Law: a Research Briefing on Capitol Hill

A Washington, D.C. briefing at the U.S. Capitol by the Civil Rights Project last week generated an active discussion of research on the intersection of public education and civil rights, with leading scholars suggesting ways in which federal education policy could better foster equal opportunity for all groups of students and further progress in both educational outcomes and race relations.

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Federal Policy Guidance Issued on the Rights of Undocumented School Children

The Department of Justice and the Department of Education just last week issued guidance to school officials across the U.S. outlining their responsibilities, under the guarantee against discrimination in the l964 Civil Rights Act and the Supreme Court's 1982 decision, Plyler v. Doe, to admit and give public education to all resident children in the U.S. regardless of their immigration status.

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Statement on the California Budget Crisis and College Opportunity

Tiny Tax Cut for Most Californians Equals Huge and Hidden Tax on California’s College Students

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Civil Rights Project proposes new integration plan for Jefferson County schools

The CRP makes available to the public a new proposed integration plan for the JCPS schools.

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Reports show harsh discipline policies applied disproportionately to students of color

The Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles (CRP) announces the release of two reports and resource materials by Daniel Losen, director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies at the CRP and one of the nation’s top experts on school discipline.

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CRP Announces New Book published by UNC Press

The Civil Rights Project announces the publication of Integrating Schools in a Changing Society: New Policies and Legal Options for a Multiracial Generation, a new book of cutting-edge scholarship on the forces shaping the future of school integration policy following the Supreme Court’s 2007 PICS decision.

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Statement on New Guidance from Departments of Education and Justice

CRP statement on the long awaited policy guidance from the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice to K-12 schools and colleges and universities across the U.S., about the ways in which they can legally and effectively pursue their compelling educational interest of reducing the very high level of separate and unequal schooling now prevailing in much of the country.

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Statement on Devastating Cuts to Magnet Schools in LA Unified

The state now threatens the coup de grace, which is to eliminate entirely magnet bus transportation, and with it the possibility for students who can’t provide their own transportation to attend magnet schools. Cutting bus transportation will substantially eliminate the diversity in the magnet schools and the magnets will become more segregated over time. We need to make sure that students from all parts of the city have the right to participate in this important alternative, which is one of the only real paths to college, particularly for disadvantaged students, that’s left in the City of Los Angeles. We think of this as a very important civil rights issue and believe that Superintendent Deasy is correct in suing the state government over this issue.

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Call for Papers to Inform Policymakers About Race and Gender Disparities in School Discipline

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies (CCRR) at the Civil Rights Project, in collaboration with the Research-to-Practice Collaborative on Race and Gender Disparities in School Discipline, seeks research papers that will inform school discipline policies at the district, state, and federal levels.

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