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CRP Announces New Book published by UNC Press

Date Published: November 29, 2011

The Civil Rights Project announces the publication of Integrating Schools in a Changing Society: New Policies and Legal Options for a Multiracial Generation, a new book of cutting-edge scholarship on the forces shaping the future of school integration policy following the Supreme Court’s 2007 PICS decision.
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The book is designed “to reinvigorate the movement for equality in our multiracial society,” says Co-editor Erica Frankenberg. “It furthers the case for how education policies can be adopted in tandem with other social policies to create a more integrated and equitable society.”

Integrating Schools in a Changing Society enhances the discussion already underway about immediate and long-term policy options legally available to the nation’s school districts, many of which remain committed to the ideal of integration as a tool for improving educational opportunity and achievement.

Published by University of North Carolina Press and edited by Erica Frankenberg and Elizabeth DeBray, the book originated from a conference that the Civil Rights Project co-sponsored in 2009 and includes contributions from CRP Co-directors Patricia Gándara and Gary Orfield, as well as from many other leading scholars.

Project Co-director Orfield commented, “Too many districts have passively accepted the spread of segregation in their schools.  This book helps point the way out of deepening inequality.”
Integrating Schools in a Changing Society argues that the basic lesson of the landmark ruling Brown v. Board of Education was and is correct, but is not being applied due to recent court decisions. The book includes both evidence about the harms of resegregation and research-based ideas about how to address one of the most important education policy issues of our time. 

See the attached coupon for 20% off the publisher's list price.

About the Civil Rights Project at UCLA:  Founded in 1996 by former Harvard professors Gary Orfield and Christopher Edley Jr., the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles is now co-directed by Orfield and Patricia Gándara, professors at UCLA.  Its mission is to create a new generation of research in social science and law on the critical issues of civil rights and equal opportunity for racial and ethnic groups in the United States.  It has commissioned more than 450 studies, published 16 books and issued numerous reports from authors at universities and research centers across the country. The Supreme Court, in its 2003 Grutter v. Bollinger decision upholding affirmative action, cited the Civil Rights Project's research.

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