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Research in this section focuses attention on the structure of and access to transportation opportunities.


Recent Transportation Research


Research Item Realizing the Economic Advantages of a Multilingual Workforce
As markets have transitioned from agricultural to industrial to what is now the information age, there are tremendous opportunities for those who can analyze, collaborate, and communicate with people all over the world while providing services in the local language of the client. These workers can compete for work in their home markets and in markets where their language fluency puts them at an advantage over those with only monolingual skills—like many in the American workforce.
Research Item Fulfilling America’s Future: Latinas in the U.S., 2015
At 54 million, Hispanics now make up the largest ethnic minority in the country. Currently, Hispanic girls and women are one in five women in the U.S. and will comprise nearly one third of the country’s female population by 2060. Ensuring they are positioned for success is a fundamental responsibility and an important economic opportunity for the country.
Research Item The Lasanti Project Description
CRP's LASANTI Project explores many dimensions of social and economic change and inequality across the huge bi-national urbanized complex, stretching from the northern Los Angeles suburbs down through San Diego to the Tijuana metropolitan area.
Research Item Moving to Equity: Addressing Inequitable Effects of Transportation Policies on Minorities
A joint report of The Civil Rights Project and the Center for Community Change that identifies surface transportation policies’ inequitable effects.
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