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Community Tools

Action kits, brochures, manuals, pamphlets, and links for use in the community organized by subject area. As The Civil Rights Project is located in Los Angeles, many of the direct/walk-in resources that provided below are located in Metro L.A. There are, however, many online resources available and provided here. The Civil Rights Project DOES NOT endorse any of these listed below; we provide them as a place to start for those seeking assistance in these areas.

Page Immigration
Legal services networks, non profits and private practice attorneys who have indicated their availability to assist undocumented residents needing legal assistance.
Page Police Misconduct
Many mails we receive from the general public are related to policy misconduct or abuse. Since we are not a legal services provider, and we do not work outside of the area of civil rights and education, we hope these resources will be of assistance.
Page Employment Discrimination
National and local resources for assisting the public with employment-related legal matters.
Page Wrongly Accused/Prison Abuse
Resources enclosed are for criminal justice reform, generally speaking, and for individuals and their families who seek greater understandig about their rights.
Page Education Advocacy Services
These agencies offer services to children subject to zero-tolerance policies or other school discipline-related problems. Check individual agencies for the exact services offered and eligibility requirements.
Page Transportation Equity Tools
This pathfinder aims to explain transportation rights to citizens in different cities. These tools focus on livable neighborhoods, environmental justice, and transportation equity.
Page Teaching and Learning
Civil rights toolkits and resources for teachers and students.
Page Housing
These resources provide information about housing justice in Southern California primarily, with links to national policy documents.
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