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Police Misconduct

Many emails we receive from the general public are related to policy misconduct or abuse. Since we are not a legal services provider, and we do not work outside of the area of civil rights and education, we hope these resources will be of assistance.


The ACLU of Southern California has fought for decades against police abuse and for policing that is equitable, transparent and democratic. In the courts, in city halls, in the legislature, the ACLU SoCal has challenged excessive force, racial profiling, broken-windows policing and dragnet surveillance. We have fought for the public's right to know about police, from access to body camera footage and department's determinations about proven misconduct to the policies and safeguards governing surveillance technology.


Know your rights.


This article explains the laws of the U.S. pertaining to this matter and how you can file a complaint with the DOJ.


How to report police misconduct.


Organization addressing police accountability and racial justice.


Apps that are helpful in reporting and documenting police misconduct. 


Widespread protests and spiraling jury verdicts reflect the public's increasing concern abut law enforcement performance  - and its high expectations for responsive policing. OIR Group works with local governments, community members and police agencies to address these contemporary challenges and collaborate on sustainable reforms. 


“The National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) is a nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to protecting the human and civil rights of individuals in their encounters with law enforcement. One of the central missions of NPAP is to promote the accountability of law enforcement officers and their employers for violations of the Constitution or laws of the United States.”


“The Police Assessment Resource Center (PARC) is a national not-for-profit organization based in Los Angeles that provides assistance, support, advice, and resources to those involved in police oversight throughout the United States.”


A police Misconduct Victim’s Guide (CATO Institute).

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