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Center for Civil Rights Remedies

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies is an initiative that began in the summer of 2011. The CCRR's special projects, on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Racial Inequity in Special Eduction, are supported with grants and contract funding, and carried out under the auspices of the Civil Rights Project and in collaboration with several partner organizations.

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The Civil Rights Project’s Center for Civil Rights Remedies (CCRR) is dedicated to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for children from subgroups who have been discriminated against historically due to their race/ethnicity, and who are frequently subjected to exclusionary practices such as disciplinary removal, over-representation in special education, and reduced access to a college-bound curriculum

What we do:

The Center conducts new research to identify problems or issues with educational policy or it's implementation, takes direct action to improve policy, and enhances the capacity of advocates to press for successful remedies at the local, state and federal levels. We develop research-based remedies relevant to policymakers and educators, models for federal and state legislation, requests for administrative action, and supports to civil rights groups, state agencies and local educational organizations actively engaged in the remedy process.


The Center provides ongoing empirical analysis and annual reporting

at the federal, state and district levels to demonstrate the size and relevance of the problem and to equip agents of change with the data tools they need to put in place and then monitor effective remedies. We facilitate the use of data by those preparing for, or engaged in, meaningful actions to replace harsh and ineffective disciplinary policies and practices with approaches that are effective for children, schools and their communities.


The Center provides resources for:

  • Advocates at all levels including those seeking direct action from local school boards, filing administrative complaints or lawsuits, or seeking reform through legislation.
  • School administrators (local and/or state) collaborating with community groups and/or state and federal administrative agencies.
  • Legislators and policymakers seeking systemic reforms to improve educational opportunities and outcomes.
  • Members of the Media seeking data and research sources to better understand and report on racial inequalities in the focus areas

Listen: CCRR's Director Dan Losen and Assistant Superintendent Andre Denson talk about efforts to reduce racial disparities in discipline in a Nevada school district in a Nevada Public Radio piece that asks "Why Does Clark County Have High Rates Of Expulsion Among Minorities?"



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