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School-to-Prison Pipeline

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies (CCRR) provides ongoing empirical analysis and annual reporting at the federal, state and district levels to demonstrate the size and relevance of the problem and to equip agents of change with the data tools they need to put in place and then monitor effective remedies. We facilitate the use of data by those preparing for, or engaged in, meaningful actions to replace harsh and ineffective disciplinary policies and practices with approaches that are effective for children, schools and their communities.

To access recent research reports on the school-to-prison pipeline, click here.


The Project has five goals:

  1. Document excessive disciplinary exclusion by race and infuse this information into the debate on school reform.
  2. Improve the quality of policy research and increase awareness about important findings and best practices.
  3. Enhance the capacity of advocates to press for successful remedies.
  4. Support community groups and school districts during the remedy stage in their work to implement reforms, monitor their impact and to modify the remedies as needed.
  5. Serve a watchdog function by describing the data, analyzing federal and state policy implementation and enforcement actions and notifying advocates about statutory and regulatory developments through its website.


CCRR will produce reports and other resources including:

  • Annual National Reports: a national "Suspended Education” data and policy report showing the frequency with which students of color and children with disabilities are excluded from schools at the federal, state and district levels.  Click here to view our most recent national reports.
  • Online Data Resources:  web tools, model legislation, successful remedies and useful links will provide information and “kits” for policy makers and advocates working on school discipline issues on a systemic level. 
  • Sponsored research: this new research was presented on January 10, 2013 at "Closing the School Discipline Gap: Research to Policy," a conference in Washington, D.C. The papers inform school discipline policies at the district, state, and federal levels.  The goal of these papers is to reduce schools’ reliance on suspension and expulsion to manage student behavior, with special attention to reducing disparities. For further information, see the conference agenda.
  • State Summary Reports: Over the next three years, CRP will issue additional summaries of state discipline policy, such as which states independently report disaggregated discipline data to the public, and whether states provide support for the implementation of school-wide positive behavioral supports. Click here to view our recent state reports.


To access a list of reports on the school-to-prison pipeline, click here.


Organizational Partners:

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies has partnered with several organizations in this effort, including The Equity Project at Indiana University, The Annenberg Institute for School Reform and UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education and Access.

CCRR is a member of the Race and Gender Disparities in Discipline Research-to-Practice Collaborative.  Atlantic Philanthropies supported this important work by the Collaborative.



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