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Out of School & Off Track: Reports by District

Date Published: April 14, 2013

These regional reports detail suspension rates for students based on Department of Education data. Disaggregation by school level, race and disability status reveals profound disparities in the risk for out of school suspensions.

The full set of analyzed data on every district OCR collected data from 2009- 2010 are available via the spreadsheets posted (along with instructions) with the full report "Out of School & Off Track: The Overuse of Suspensions in American Middle and High Schools" by The UCLA Center for Civil RIghts Remedies at the The Civil Rights Project.

The excel sheet allows users to sort and filter by all the indicators represented in these graphs and tables, and also to compare district data to districts within each state or across the nation. much of this information will soon be available by using a web tool on our website that will allow for some degree of comparison. Additional data on school discipline, for 2011-12, that is otherwise identical to the raw data analyzed for this report can be obtained by filing a freedom of information Act request with your school district.

View reports for:

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Columbus, OH

Cumberland, NC

Dallas, TX

Fairfax, VA

Fulton, GA

Houston, TX

Jefferson, AL

Los Angeles, CA

Memphis, TN

Oklahoma City, OK

Philadelphia, PA

Providence, RI

St. Louis, MO

St. Paul, MN

Syracuse, NY

Woodbridge, NJ

Worcester, MA

Yonkers, NY



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