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Research Item The Walls Around Opportunity: The Failure of Colorblind Policy for Higher Education
This new volume is the fourth of the Our Compelling Interests Series, housed at the University of Michigan's Center for Social Solutions and supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The series argues that diversity is critical for democracy to thrive. This installment explores the failure of colorblind solutions to resolve unequal education in the U.S.
Research Item Texas Top Ten Percent Plan: How It Works, What Are Its Limits, and Recommendations to Consider
Research Item The Promise and Peril for Universities Using Correlates of Race in Admissions in Response to the Grutter and Fisher Decisions
Research Item Can Socioeconomic Status Substitute for Race in Affirmative Action College Admissions Policies? Evidence From a Simulation Model
Research Item Two Decades After the Affirmative Action Ban: Evaluating the University of California’s Race-Neutral Efforts
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