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Accountability and Opportunity in Higher Education

Date Published: August 11, 2018

Book: Accountability and Opportunity

In Accountability and Opportunity in Higher Education, leading scholars address the unforeseen impact of accountability standards on students of color and the institutions that disproportionately serve them. The book describes how federal policies can worsen existing racial inequalities in higher education and offers alternative solutions aimed to protect and advance civil rights for low-income and minority students and their colleges.
This volume begins with a chapter putting higher education accountability in historical perspective and connecting it to the increasing importance of postsecondary education for upward mobility, coupled with rising barriers to minority student access and success. Based on a series of studies using cutting-edge research methodologies, the contributors suggest new ways to design and evaluate accountability policies that avoid predictable negative consequences.
Written against a backdrop of unequal opportunity and racial inequality in preparation for and access to higher education, Accountability and Opportunity in Higher Education arrives at a pivotal time in American education.

Adriana Ruiz Alvarado
Dominique J. Baker
Daniel Corral
Valerie Crespín-Trujillo
Kevin Eagan
Stella M. Flores
Marybeth Gasman
Sara Goldrick-Rab
Jason Houle
Sylvia Hurtado
Willie Kirkland
Thai-Huy Nguyen
Anne-Marie Núñez
Toby J. Park
Awilda Rodríguez
Andrés Castro Samayoa


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