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Kfir Mordechay

Graduate Student Researcher

Kfir Mordechay

Kfir Mordechay is a Ph.D. student at UCLA in the Graduate School of Education. He has authored reports on topics including metropolitan demographic and economic trends, social policies affecting low-income families and children, and cities in the global economy. His goal is to create discussion within education and economic development, and with researchers and policy makers, about what kinds of initiatives might contribute to a just and vital society. Kfir is currently conducting research on how the economic shock of the Great Recession affected families, schools, and communities.

Having been an educator at some of the most underserved and affluent schools in Los Angeles, prior to joining the Civil Rights Project, Kfir brings a unique perspective to his work incorporating a wide spectrum of socio-economic insights. He holds a master’s degree in urban education from UCLA, and a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from San Francisco State University.

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