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Language Minority Students

Research related to effective educational policies and practices for language minority students (English language learners).


Recent Language Minority Students Research


Research Item Preparing Secondary English Learners for Graduation and College  
This report summarizes the results of a demonstration project that aimed to provide Spanish-language, college preparatory curriculum via an on-line platform to Spanish-dominant immigrant students in four California high schools. This population of students would not have had access to such a curriculum due to an insufficient command of English, and limited inability to take and pass rigorous college prep courses designed for fluent English speakers.
Research Item Collection of the University of California Linguistic Minority Research Institute
The collected works of LMRI are available via UC's eScholarship.
Research Item Arizona Educational Equity Project: Overview
Researchers and graduate students from four of the nation's top research universities conducted new empirical studies as well as synthesizing existing studies on instructional models and assessment practices for English learners.
Research Item Arizona Educational Equity Project: Abstracts and Papers
This page links to nine papers received as part of the Arizona Educational Equity Project: 21 senior scholars and advanced graduate students from four major research universities joined together under the aegis of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, to produce the studies on the condition of English learner students in Arizona
Research Item A Study of Arizona's Teachers of English Language Learners
Part 1 of the Arizona Educational Equity Project. Overall findings show that most of these Arizona teachers have a great deal of faith in their ELL students' ability to achieve at grade level but that the 4 hour ELD block to which they are assigned is not helping them to catch up with their English speaking peers.
Research Item Implementing Structured English Immersion (SEI) in Arizona: Benefits, Costs, Challenges, and Opportunities
Part 2 of the Arizona Educational Equity Project. The ELD block has neglected core areas of academic content that are critical for ELL students' academic success and graduation; contributed to ELL students' isolation; limited ELL students opportunities for on-time high school graduation, potentially increasing drop out--and for college readiness; and assumed that English language learning can be accomplished for all ELL students within an unrealistic timeframe and under a set of unrealistic conditions.
Research Item A Return to the "Mexican Room": The Segregation of Arizona's English Learners
Part 3 of the Arizona Educational Equity Project. The excessive segregation of Arizona's Latino and EL students is most probably harmful to these students' achievement and social and emotional development and that there are alternative strategies that the state could use to ameliorate these harms and provide a more effective education for these students.
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