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Immigration/Immigrant Students

Research Item U.S. Immigration Enforcement Policy and Its Impact on Teaching and Learning in the Nation's Schools
This working paper presents findings from a national survey of educators from more than 730 schools across 24 districts and 12 states who responded to questions probing the Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Teaching and Learning in the Nation’s Schools.
Research Item Stressed, Overworked, and Not Sure Whom to Trust: The Impacts of Recent Immigration Enforcement on our Public School Educators
In interviews with educators, researchers probed the impact of immigration enforcement policy on the educators themselves. This is the second piece of a national survey on the effects of immigration enforcement on teaching and learning in our nation's public schools.
Research Item From Plyler to Sanctuary: Education Policies Promoting a Welcoming and Safe Environment for Immigrant Families
This is a forthcoming working paper that summarizes the education policies and immigration laws that guarantee equal access to education and protects the rights of students from an immigrant background in the public K-12 school system.
Research Item When Families Are Deported: Schooling for US-Citizen Students in Mexico
This paper summarizes existing research, analyzes response efforts by the Mexican government, and recommends ways federal and state governments in the U.S. can partner with Mexican institutions to meet the educational needs of the estimated 600,000 US-citizen students attending preschool through high school in Mexico.
Research Item The Students We Share: Preparing US and Mexican Educators for Our Transnational Future
Research Item Schools Under Siege: The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Educational Equity
Research Item The Impact of a Broken Immigration System on U.S. Students and Schools
A new collaborative research brief from UCLA’s Latino Policy and Politics Institute, Center for the Transformation of Schools and Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles updates and builds on CRP's previous analysis of a 2017-18 survey examining the harmful impacts of immigration enforcement on Latinx children of undocumented immigrants.
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