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Language Minority Students

Research related to effective educational policies and practices for language minority students (English language learners).


Recent Language Minority Students Research


Research Item A Capitol Hill Research and Policy Briefing: A Civil Rights Agenda for the Next Quarter Century
On March 13, 2024, the Civil Rights Project will bring together researchers, policymakers, civil rights and education advocates as well as other stakeholders for a research and policy briefing, "A Civil Rights Agenda for the Next Quarter Century."
Research Item Bilingual Education and America's Future: Evidence and Pathways
This paper looks at the next 25 years of education and policy making regarding students classified as English learners (EL). Given the strong research evidence on the benefits of bilingual education and need to address barriers to opportunity experienced by English learners, this paper strengthens the case for federal, state and local education policy and action that looks toward the implementation of bilingual education as the standard service--rather than exception--for EL-classified students.
Research Item Summary Report: Confronting the Equity Issues in Dual Language Immersion Programs
This report is a summary of the papers presented and issues discussed during the 2018 Forum on Equity and Dual Language Education, held at UCLA on December 7-8, 2018.
Research Item Preparing and Supporting Bilingual Teachers for Equity in Two Way Dual Language Immersion Programs: A Bilingual Epistemological Framework for Teaching, Research, and Policy
This paper aims to develop a set of theoretical principles from the approach of “knowledge in practice” for bilingual/dual language teachers that describe the concepts to support the knowledge base for the bilingual teaching profession, and in particular to deliver on the promise of equity in dual language immersion classrooms for diverse groups of English Learners.
Research Item Equity and Dual Language Immersion: Curriculum
This paper talks about the ways in which both “what we teach” and “how we teach” in a two-way, dual language, bilingual education classroom need to change in order to be more equitable, and about the orientations or ideologies that underlie decisions related to what or how we teach.
Research Item Race, Social Justice, and Power Equity in Dual Language Education
This report synthesizes current literature, both empirical and theoretical, to offer an analysis of power dynamics in DLE within its historical, economic, and sociopolitical contexts.
Research Item The State of Dual Language Education in the U.S. in the Context of Equity and Social Justice
This paper attempts to lay a foundation for the discussion of equity issues in dual language immersion education by summarizing some of the more recent research (and identifying some critical gaps) that might inform our understanding of these issues.
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