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Patricia Gándara, Ph.D.

Research Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education; 
Co-Director, The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

Photo: Patricia Gándara

Patricia Gándara is research professor of education and co-Director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA. She is an elected fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the National Academy of Education. In 2011 she was appointed to President Obama’s Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, and in 2015 received the Distinguished Career Award from the Scholars of Color Committee of the American Educational Research Association. 

She has been a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Italy, the French-American Association at Sciences Po Graduate Institute, Paris, and an ETS fellow at Princeton, New Jersey.


Gandara's latest books include:

  • 2021  Gándara, P. & Ee, J. Schools Under Siege:  Immigration Enforcement and Educational Equity.  Cambridge:  Harvard Education Press. 
  • 2021  Gándara, P. & Jensen, B.  The Students we Share: Preparing US and Mexican Teachers for Our Transnational Future.  Albany: State University of New York Press.            

Recent articles and book chapters are:

  • In press  Gándara, P. & Orfield, G.  What shall be the future for the children of migration? —LASANTI and the educational imperative. Chapter 15 In E. Tellez & R. Hinojosa (eds) Equitable Globalization.  Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • 2020  Cuellar, M. & Gándara, P.  Promoting access and equity for underrepresented racial minorities?  An examination of policies and practices in community college baccalaureate programs, Community College Review, online October 22, DOI:10.1177/0091552/20964877
  • 2020  Gándara, P.  Equity considerations in addressing English learner segregation, Leadership and Policy in Schools, 19, 141-143.
  • 2020  Gándara, P.  The students we share: Falling through the cracks on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, Journal of Ethnic and Racial Relations, 43, 38-59
  • 2019  Ee, J. & Gándara, P.  The impact of immigration enforcement on the nation’s schools, American Educational Research Journal, 57, 840-871.
  • 2019  Zárate, M.E. & Gándara, P.  Can the LCFF improve teaching and learning for EL students? A Review of the emerging research in California and directions for future implementation, Peabody Journal of Education, 94, 157-175.
  • 2019  Mordechay, K., Gándara, P. & Orfield, G.  Embracing the effects of demographic change, Educational Leadership, 76, 34-43.
  • 2018  Gándara, P.  The economic value of bilingualism in the United States, Bilingual Research Journal, 41, 334-343.
  • 2018  Gándara, P., English Learners: Challenging bias, seeking justice, in S. Biegel, R. Kim, & K. Welner, Education and the Law, Fifth Edition.  New York: West-Thomson/Reuters (American Casebook Series).
  • 2018  Gándara, P. Betraying Our Immigrant Students, Phi Delta Kappan, 100, 48. September. 

And recent reports include: 





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