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NCLB Meets School Realities: Lessons From the Field

Authors: Gail L. Sunderman (Editor), Dr. James S. Kim (Editor), Dr. Gary Orfield (Editor)
Date Published: June 01, 2005

Based on data from 6 states and 11 districts, this essential resource helps educators understand the issues raised by NCLB and its implications for educating all children.

Corwin Press, Copyright © 2005
ISBN 9-781412915-55-7



"A timely study on the implementation of NCLB in 6 states during the initial phase of the reform. The authors' policy recommendations will be particularly useful to policy makers and practitioners in designing more effective strategies to improve schooling quality for the least advantaged children. This book will be widely adopted in graduate courses in educational policy and intergovernmental relations."

 — Kenneth Wong, Professor


"The well documented and thorough approach to collecting the data is a major strength. The material fits with my experiences as a practicing principal. This book can serve as a catalyst for quality conversation that is so drastically needed about how to make NCLB do what it is intended to do–ensure that every child is successful!"
— Bonnie Tryon, Principal


"This is an important, topical book that provides a deep look at fundamental issues in the design and implementation of No Child Left Behind."
— Richard F. Elmore, Gregory Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership


"This is a welcomed illustration of the multitude of ways the NCLB law affects children and schools."

 — PsycCRITIQUES, February 2, 2006 Issue


"One of a few empirical, multistate examinations of the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 with a focus on how the law affects minority and low-income students. Presents appropriate political and historical context, original data and analyses, and well-researched recommendations on how to improve public schools."

 — The Harvard Educational Review, Spring 2006


"A valuable addition to the body of literature looking at NCLB implementation. The systematic approach the authors use to examine complex policy issues is refreshing and adds significant strength to their critiques of NCLB-as policy and as it has been implemented."

 — Teachers College Record, Vol. 108, No. 1


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